Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023


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As part of the review of auditor independence and effectiveness, KPMG Channel Islands Limited have confirmed that: ‒ They have internal procedures in place to identify any aspects of non-audit work which could compromise their role as auditor and to ensure the objectivity of their work and audit report; ‒ The total fees paid by the Group during the year do not represent a material part of their total fee income; and ‒ They consider that they have maintained their independence throughout the year. In evaluating KPMG Channel Islands Limited, the Committee completed its assessment of the external auditor for the financial period under review. It has satisfied itself as to their qualifications and expertise and remains confident that their objectivity and independence are not in any way impaired by reason of any non- audit services which they provide to the Group. KPMG Channel Islands Limited have been auditor to the Group since the year ended 31 December 2009. They were reappointed as the Group’s auditor following a tender process in February 2020. The current audit engagement partner, Steve Stormonth, has now completed his first year as audit partner. The Committee recommends that KPMG Channel Islands Limited are recommended for reappointment at the next Annual General Meeting. Mark Batten Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee 24 May 2023

As part of this process, a risk matrix has been prepared that identifies the Company’s key functions and the individual activities undertaken within those functions. From this, the Board has identified the Company’s principal risks and the controls employed to manage those risks. These are reviewed at each Audit and Risk Committee meeting. The Board monitors the performance of the Company against its strategy and receives regular reports from management covering all business activities. The Committee has received and reviewed a copy of CBRE Limited’s Real Estate Accounting Services – Service Organisation Control Report as at 31 December 2022, prepared in accordance with International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3402, in respect of property management accounting services provided to Picton Property Income Limited. During the year the Board appointed BDO LLP to undertake internal audit and assurance services, replacing the previous arrangement of additional controls testing by the external auditor. The Committee agreed a programme of reviews for 2022/23, which covered cyber security, key financial controls and debt covenants. The Committee has considered the review reports and the recommendations arising, which had been discussed with management. The Committee also considered and agreed the review plan for 2023/24 which will cover property management, lease management and asset management.

Independence of auditor It is the policy of the Group that non- audit work will not be awarded to the external auditor if there is a risk their independence may be compromised. The Committee monitors the level of fees incurred for non-audit services to ensure that this is not material, and obtains confirmation, where appropriate, that separate personnel are involved in any non-audit services provided to the Group. The Committee must approve in advance all non-audit assignments to be carried out by the external auditor. The fees payable to the Group’s auditor and its member firms are as follows:

2023 £000 179

2022 £000 174

Audit fees


Interim review fees Non-audit fees

16 16



Annual auditor assessment On an annual basis, the Committee assesses the qualifications, expertise and independence of the Group’s external auditor, as well as the effectiveness of the audit process. It does this through discussion and enquiry with senior management, review of a detailed assessment questionnaire and confirmation from the external auditor. The Committee also considers the external audit plan, setting out the auditor’s assessment of the key audit risk areas and reporting received from the external auditor in respect of both the half-year and year-end reports and accounts.

 Picton Property Income Limited  Annual Report 2023


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