Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

Responding to Uncertainty/Continued

Sustainable refurbishments: investing in our buildings

PARKBURY INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, RADLETT As part of the full refurbishment works at Unit 16, we removed a gas fired heating system from the warehouse and added new rooflights for improved natural daylight. The office area, common areas and warehouse area have all been fitted with new LED lighting. We also installed solar on the roof to provide on-site generated energy and excess electricity will be fed back into the grid which will help to greatly reduce the operational emissions of the unit. These refurbishments have improved the EPC rating of the building to an A rating.

Occupiers are increasingly prioritising energy efficient and sustainable workspaces. We are committed to enhancing the environmental performance of our buildings to ensure their operational efficiency and that they meet occupier requirements. In line with our sustainable refurbishment guidelines, when space becomes vacant, we seek to improve its sustainability credentials in terms of certification, services, structure and building resilience. We aim to remove fossil fuels where possible and we are also further developing our plans for on-site solar array installation across the portfolio as we continue to identify energy efficiency measures.

Improved EPC ratings Removed On-site fossil fuel burning systems


Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

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