Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

Responding to Uncertainty/Continued

Our new leasing solution: Flexible, Fitted, Inclusive

We moved in with a small team in the early days of our business. We’ve almost quadrupled in size over the past 18 months. Picton have always been helpful and easy to work with so we decided to stay with them by upsizing our space. They kept it simple for us, managing the entire fit-out and moving process. Daniel Ball The Early Careers Group, Angel Gate, London


Last year we launched SwiftSpace, our flexible leasing offering in response to both increased competition from serviced office providers and changes in occupier demand. This flexible lease structure enables occupiers to scale their businesses as their needs evolve and is particularly suited to smaller businesses looking to return to the office or move out of serviced accommodation, yet still wanting to retain flexibility of occupation. Rental agreements include Flexible (short-lease terms), Fitted (ready to move in space, fitted out to occupier requirements) and Inclusive (ready to move in space with no service charges or insurance costs). All three options are intended to speed up the moving in process with quick and easy documentation and reduced upfront costs. This new flexible proposition has succeeded in attracting new occupiers looking for a more bespoke solution and has helped to grow occupancy on our smaller units. Over the year, we have to date signed nine SwiftSpace lettings, nearly a quarter of our total lettings. SwiftSpace is available at selected multi-let offices across our portfolio, including Angel Gate, London, Longcross, Cardiff, Queen’s House, Glasgow, Charlotte Terrace, London, Colchester Business Park and Trident House, St Albans.


Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

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