Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

Principal Risks

Managing risks

Principal risks and trends


No change/stable

The Board recognises that there are risks and uncertainties that could have a material impact on the Group’s results.


Risk management provides a structured approach to the decision-making process such that the identified risks can be mitigated and the uncertainty surrounding expected outcomes can be reduced. The Board has developed a Risk Management Policy which it reviews on a regular basis. The Audit and Risk Committee carries out a detailed assessment of all risks, whether investment or operational, and considers the effectiveness of the risk management and internal control processes. The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing strategy within the agreed Risk Management Policy, as well as identifying and assessing risk in day-to-day operational matters. The Management Committees support the Executive Committee in these matters. The small number of employees and relatively flat management structure allow risks to be quickly identified and assessed. The Group’s risk appetite will vary over time and during the course of the property cycle. The principal risks – those with potential to have a material impact on performance and results – are set out here, together with mitigating controls.

The UK Corporate Governance Code requires the Board to make a Viability Statement. This considers the Company’s current position and principal and emerging risks and uncertainties combined with an assessment of the future prospects for the Company, in order that the Board can state that the Company will be able to continue its operations over the period of their assessment. The statement is set out in the Directors’ Report.

1 Political and economic 2 Market cycle 3 Regulatory and tax 4 Climate change resilience 5 Portfolio strategy 6 Investment 7 Asset management 8 Valuation 9 People

10 Finance strategy 11 Capital structure


Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

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