Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

Environmental Focus/Continued

Electric car charging points Over the last 12 months we have gradually increased the number of charging points at our properties. There are currently 41 car charging points across our portfolio, of which 26 we have installed ourselves and the remainder have been put in by our occupiers. During 2022, we supported our occupiers with their own installations at Parkbury Industrial Estate, Radlett, Sundon Business Park, Luton and Atlas House, Marlow. In conjunction with one of the major electric vehicle charging infrastructure operators, we have developed a plan to install a further 38 rapid and fast chargers across five further sites including our retail warehouse locations.

Sustainable buildings We are committed to monitoring and enhancing the environmental performance of our buildings and ensuring they are resilient to changes in both climate and the regulatory environment. It is important that we ensure our buildings meet changes in occupier requirements, and our approach to our portfolio management adheres to best practice with respect to data collection, communication and implementation. In line with our net zero carbon commitment, we aim to remove fossil fuel supplies where practical, introduce on-site renewable energy, increase the efficiency of existing equipment and support our occupiers with their own sustainability strategies. Over the course of this year we have: ‒ Developed our strategy for on-site solar power generation ‒ Started to implement our strategy for the roll out of electric vehicle charging ‒ Improved the percentage of A-C rated EPCs in our portfolio from 71% to 76% ‒ Continued to implement green lease clauses ‒ Carried out five net zero audits across the portfolio


We currently have five operational solar array systems totalling 0.176 MWp and we have seen a 42% increase in energy generation over the year. We have a further three schemes currently under construction totalling 0.238 MWp. In addition we are establishing the feasibility of a further six schemes which would have a maximum output of 7.625 MWp. We are also investigating a ‘sleeving’ arrangement which would enable us to export any excess electricity generated to other buildings in our portfolio. This would enable them to benefit from cost-effective on-site renewable energy. Following our sustainability workshop engagement programme with key occupiers, we are currently engaged in a number of feasibility studies to identify the optimum delivery strategy to support them in installing solar panels.

41 Charging points installed across seven of our sites

Collaborating with our occupiers to understand their own sustainability strategies is key to delivering improved environmental initiatives across our buildings. Mark Alder Head of Occupier Services


Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

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