Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023


Strategic Report

Financial Statements

Additional Information

Chair’s Introduction 80 An overview of our governance activities over the year Board and Team 82 Board of Directors 84 Our Team Leadership and Purpose 86 The Company’s purpose and values 87 Board and Committee attendance 87 Conflicts of interest 88 The Board’s activities during the year 90 Section 172 Statement 92 How the Board has engaged with its stakeholders this year Division of Responsibilities 94 The role of the Board and its Committees 95 The roles of each Director

Composition, Succession and Evaluation 96 Board composition and diversity 97 Nomination Committee Report 98 Board evaluation Audit, Risk and Internal Control 100 Overview of controls and risk management 101 Audit and Risk Committee Report 104 Property Valuation Committee Report Remuneration Report 106 Introduction from the Chair of the Remuneration Committee 110 Remuneration at a glance 112 Directors’ Remuneration Policy 115 Annual Report on Remuneration Directors’ Report 123 Directors’ Report

 Picton Property Income Limited  Annual Report 2023


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