Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

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What makes us different Long-term outperformance through a diversified approach We have a long-term performance track record, outperforming the MSCI UK Quarterly Property Index for ten consecutive years. We own a diverse range of assets which enables us to position the portfolio as market conditions dictate and have delivered upper quartile performance over three, five and ten years, and since launch in 2005.

Aligned and high performing management team Our experienced, knowledgeable and long-standing team has a proven track record of success since internalisation in 2012. Our internally managed and agile business model enables cost efficiencies and flexibility to adapt to changing property cycles.

01/ Knowledge, expertise and research led decision making Our in-depth understanding of the UK commercial property market enables us to identify and source value across different sectors and reposition the portfolio through the property cycle. 02/ Stock selection and acquisition – buying into growth assets, locations or sectors We have established a diversified UK property portfolio and while income focused, we will consider opportunities where we can enhance value and/or income. 03/ Creating value through proactive asset management Our diverse occupier base generates a stable income stream, which we aim to grow through active management and capturing market rental uplifts. Our occupier focused, opportunity led approach ensures we create space that meets our occupiers’ needs in order to maintain high levels of occupancy across the portfolio. 04/

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Occupier focused, opportunity led Our collaborative approach ensures we engage with our occupiers to create spaces to help them succeed. Our proactive asset management helps to maintain high occupancy across the portfolio.

Sustainable thinking, responsible business Our responsible approach to business with an increasing environmental focus is essential for the benefit of all our stakeholders and understanding the long-term impact of our decisions helps us to manage risk and continue to generate value.

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Selling assets to recycle into better opportunities

We identify assets for disposal to maximise value creation. Proceeds are invested into new opportunities, or used elsewhere within the Group.

 Picton Property Income Limited  Annual Report 2023


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