Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023


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Our people Our people are key to our success and we want them to succeed both as individuals and as a team. One of our Non-Executive Directors, Maria Bentley, has responsibility for employee engagement. This year we have carried out our annual employee survey and the feedback from the survey has been discussed by the Board, with a number of actions arising. The Board has also been able to meet with the whole team informally when in-person Board meetings have been held at Stanford Building. Local communities and environment We are committed to improving the impact of our buildings on local communities, whether providing space to local businesses, improving local areas or minimising the environmental impact of buildings themselves. The Board has established a Responsibility Committee, which is chaired by one of the Executive Directors, to deal with sustainability policy and initiatives on its behalf. The Board reviews progress on sustainability matters and has attended relevant workshops during the year.

Suppliers We have in place a framework for conducting business across the Group in a way that makes a positive contribution to society, while minimising any negative impact on people and the environment. The Board has agreed the overall business framework and delegated its implementation to the management team. Considering stakeholders in key Board decision-making Set out below are examples of important decisions taken during the year. These are decisions that are material to the Group but also significant to any of our key stakeholders. In its decision-making the Board considered the feedback from stakeholder engagement as well as the need to act fairly between shareholders and to maintain high standards of business conduct.


Evaluation of growth opportunities

The Board has considered a number of growth opportunities over the year. Growth of the business would bring financial benefits to shareholders in the form of enhanced earnings and dividends. Growth would also bring further benefits to the team in the form of career progression. The Board is aware of the value of regular dividend payments to shareholders and reviews the level of dividend each quarter. The Board has maintained the current dividend level throughout the year, despite more challenging microeconomic conditions. The Board agreed that occupier surveys should be carried out this year to determine whether occupiers were satisfied with the quality of space provided and the level of service provided by the property managers. Following the Board evaluation in 2022, the Board decided to bring the Company Secretary role in-house. The Board considered that this would create a more effective function that would benefit both shareholders and the team.

Review of dividend

Occupier engagement

Company Secretary

 Picton Property Income Limited  Annual Report 2023


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