Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement

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Our health and safety record continued to be strong with no reportable accidents, near misses or other health and safety incidents during the year. We were 99% compliant in all critical and secondary health and safety documentation. During the year, our team improved their health and safety knowledge by attending training courses in areas including the Building Safety Act, first aid and regulatory defensibility. As part of our property management retender, we improved our managing agent’s health and safety KPIs covering reporting and delivery times. In 2023, we plan to undertake security and lighting improvements at some of our industrial and retail warehouse properties, as well as providing further training to our employees for example in asbestos management. 85%

Sustainable thinking, collaborative action

interested in increasing their awareness of sustainability

We have in place a framework for conducting business in a way that makes a positive contribution to society while minimising the impact on people and the environment. We are committed to engaging with our occupiers, shareholders, suppliers and the wider community and the Board acts to promote the long-term success of the business for the benefit of all our stakeholders. Occupier engagement, wellbeing and satisfaction Working with our occupiers is at the heart of what we do. Understanding their current and future requirements and working collaboratively to reduce our environmental impact is key for us. We continue to look for ways to improve our occupiers’ experience. Our Picton Promise was created to bring together the five main commitments to our occupiers: Action, Community, Technology, Support and Sustainability. These are at the core of our engagement strategy. Building on the success of the launch of our apps at Angel Gate, London and Colchester Business Park in 2022, we have begun to roll out more of these apps at our other multi-let office buildings and by the Summer we expect to have a total of ten new apps in place. We see this as an important part of our engagement strategy to communicate effectively with our occupiers and their staff. During the year, we undertook an occupier survey across all our multi-let offices and industrial estates. The results of the survey indicated that: ‒ 85% of respondents would recommend us as a landlord to others ‒ 80% of respondents were happy with our communication ‒ 70% of respondents were happy with our responsiveness ‒ 80% of respondents were happy with the level of services we provided

Where occupiers highlighted building specific issues, our managing agents have taken quick action to handle these and communicated with the occupiers concerned. We will be using the valuable feedback we obtained from these surveys to help shape our engagement strategy over the next year. In 2023, we will also broaden our collaboration with occupiers on sustainability matters either through direct dialogue with them or within the regular occupier meetings held at our multi-let offices. We will focus on working together to reduce energy costs and sharing utilities consumption data as well as ways to improve the effectiveness of waste removal. Occupier health and safety We are fully committed to making our buildings a healthy and safe environment for our occupiers and their visitors, our employees, contractors, and the public. We therefore ensure that they comply with the relevant health and safety legislation and guidelines. Health and safety is embedded within our management culture of our organisation. Our Health and Safety Committee meets every other month and reviews all aspects of health and safety across our portfolio and in our own office. The Committee reports directly to the Responsibility Committee and health and safety is a standing item on the Board’s agenda.

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Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

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