Picton Property Income Limited Annual Report 2023

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Wellbeing and benefits We believe that having a happy and healthy team is important to the success of the business. Our commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees is achieved by: ‒ Adhering to the appropriate health and safety standards ‒ Providing a working environment that enables employees to work effectively and free from unnecessary anxiety, stress and fear ‒ Ensuring employees can report inappropriate behaviour or

Training and development We want to encourage our employees to realise their full potential by giving them access to development and training opportunities. Employee development is based on continuous; employees should always be actively seeking to improve performance ‒ Regular investment of time in learning is seen as an essential part of working life ‒ Development needs are met by a mix of activities, which include internal and external training courses, structured ‘on-the-job’ experience and through interaction with professional colleagues All our employees have a formal the following key principles. ‒ Development should be performance appraisal on an annual basis, together with a mid-year review of their progress against objectives set at the start of the year. This year the amount of training carried out by the team was 1.1%, based on the number of hours spent on training as a percentage of the total working hours of all employees. This year members of the team attended the new elective modules of the Better Buildings Partnership’s ESG Training Course for Real Estate Professionals. Additionally, further training was carried out in respect of health and safety, sustainability and market regulations. Next year we intend to implement a formal cyber security awareness training programme for the whole team.

Employee engagement We have a strong and open company culture with shared values co-created by our employees. We value the contributions made by the whole team and aim to nurture a positive working environment. We have once more this year carried out an employee engagement survey across the whole team, excluding the Directors. Overall, the scores were very positive, with over half of the questions receiving Agree or Strongly Agree responses. The overall satisfaction score was 82%. Issues that were raised by the team included: ‒ The increasing demands to meet net zero carbon commitments ‒ The balancing of information flows against time and resource constraints ‒ Plans for growing the business in terms of assets and resources This year we held a team off-site in Gloucester. We discussed many issues and challenges facing the business and what actions and improvements could be made. We were also able to visit the recent acquisitions made in that area. Diversity and inclusion We value the contributions made by all of our employees and believe that a diverse workforce is key to maximising business effectiveness. We aim to select, recruit, develop and promote the very best people and are committed to creating a workplace where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and where individual difference is valued. We recognise the benefits of diversity and the value this brings to the Group. We aim to maintain the right blend of skills, experience and knowledge within the Group. The numbers of men and women employed by the Group are:

concerns through the whistleblowing policy ‒ Having appropriate family friendly policies We offer health benefits to all employees, and they also all

participate in the Deferred Bonus and Long-term Incentive Plans, providing alignment with shareholders. The absentee rate for the year was 0.5%. There were no fatalities or work-related injuries during the year. The turnover of employees during the year was:

% of average number during year


Joiners Leavers

1 0



The joiner during the year was Andy Lynch, our new Head of Building Surveying. Subsequent to the year- end, Kathy Thompson has joined as Company Secretary. 82% Employee satisfaction score



Picton Board Rest of team

4 5 9

2 4 6


 Picton Property Income Limited  Annual Report 2023


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